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Michigan Tax Foreclosures Class Actions

About the Michigan Tax Foreclosure Class Action Lawsuits

What is this class action all about?

Each year, county and state treasurers throughout Michigan seize and sell thousands of properties from property owners who owe a small amount of past due tax. Many of these parcels are worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Instead of returning the excess sale proceeds or the "surplus equity" in excess of the tax debt, treasurers simply keep the extra funds for the county's general budget. It has become governance for profit to fill budget shortcomings of county governments. 

Several regional class action lawsuits have been filed seeking to force county treasurers and county governments to provide refunds for the "equity" value of properties seized, destroyed, and otherwise kept above the total tax debt owed.

What is happening with the lawsuits?

Currently, Outside Legal Counsel PLC and its affiliated co-counsel is suing to challenge this process as illegal via various class actions throughout Michigan. See the map of the class actions and to find out if you are already part of this lawsuit. If you are, we would like to speak with you as soon as possible. 

We are seeking to stop this process in counties and have remaining proceeds monies returned to property owners (or their heirs if the owners have passed away). The only way counties and county treasurers are going to stop taking the entire property value from citizens is if the citizenry goes to court. The law allows wronged property owners to attempt to redeem the excess equity taken and enjoyed by county treasurers for the Michigan counties' tax coffers. However, the county treasurers are fighting back to allow them to keep the equity seized above the past due tax amounts.

Who are the attorneys involved?

Our law firm, Outside Legal Counsel PLC (our website),  together with  affiliated co-counsel, handles various lawsuits against governments who are acting from our perspective illegally, improperly, or sometimes corruptly. From corrupt police departments, thieving law enforcement agencies, illegal programs of government agencies, indifferent government officials, constitutional violations by governments and challenges to governmental transparency failures, Outside Legal Counsel focuses on bringing justice to the citizens from governments who steal, hide the truth, or are not putting the citizenry first.  

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Public Act 123 directs how tax foreclosures work. We are arguing parts of it are illegal. Find out more.

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There are different lawsuits depending on where your property was. 

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Learn about how the class action lawsuits  works and some details if you are a victim of governmental equity theft. Read more.

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